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The track re-opened this season after sitting dormant for most of last year. It was formerly known as MountainView BMX Park.
It has come a long way in a very short time frame, but there is still a lot to be done, however it is quickly becomming a “haven” for “No Nonsense” BMX racing, IE: NO POLITICS ALLOWED!
No Cliche’s, no grumbling parents..no attitudes. Of course we want suggestions, help, even critism, as long as it’s cunstructive and is aimed at making the track better. Get “Bitchy” and the “Imaginary Door” comes out!
The track rider load is building each week and I think we are the only track in the ABA right now doing a 100% conversion on sign-ups. Even last week we raised just under $2,700 for the Race for Life. Considering we only had 6 weeks to get a brand new rider load (All Newbies for the most part) out and collecting I think we did pretty good.

The track races every friday nite, reg from 6 to 7, race asap and Saturday, reg 11:30 to 1, race asap. At least on Saturday you can race us and then goto Cedar, which races 5 to 6:30 reg, race asap.

Our next big race is the Pa. State Qualifier on June 17th.

I ran the track from 2002 to 2004 when I gave it up to some people that wanted it in a bad way, but just coudn’t get their act together and let the whole thing fall apart. The new operators, Fred Moran and Scott CAllahan are doing a fantastic job of getting things running smoothly.

Our website is :www.wyomingvalleybmx.com There are directions, message board and pics of the track.