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Don’t worry Brett, I aint going no where. But, Pete’s been practicing more than me – I gotta get out there on the bike other than just race day!

Pete was always “quicker” than me back in the day. I won my share of races by just being the bigger guy sometimes. If I could holeshot the start I was hard to pass. Thats how I did well on cruiser – I had an awesome power snap and great 3rd & 4th pedals back in 84-85, not unlike Farside today. Still – my best year was 1989 – that’s when I felt my smoothest and fastest – it would have been interesting to see me & Pete race each other in our primes.

I tweaked my knee at EHT two weeks ago – and I tweaked it some more with my RV slam – so I might have to take it easy – we’ll see how I feel by the 3rd at EHT. Still – give Pete and me some time – you’ll see us in Ex soon enough! (only 18 move-up points to go for me)