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lol, i saw your name and immediately thought “web conference” which is a piece of cake, but then we’d need to be at someones house with a broadband connection.
So basically, we need a broadband connection.
webcam and mic for us, mic for you and anyone who wants in.
if we do that though, we may have to change the date.
But i can make it happen with the ol interweb.
And this is most definately not just a Jersey thing.
but like a lot of other stuff, all the trouble looks like it’s starting here in the homeland.

Fact: In the heyday of BMX, CJBMX attendance rivaled the biggest tracks in Cali. The NBL and the ABA wanted a chunk of the Gleason’s glory ride, and she made them fight for it. They knew the marketing power they wielded AND the NBL came to THEM for ideas.
If you knew the respect I have for these people, well let’s just say I have a lot.