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Wow..sounds like a serious problem.

I have myself in the past at Cedar run into these problems, although only one time did it escalate to what you have here. Usually a problem or complaint can be handled professionaly and although the complaintant may not like your answer, at least if you explain your position and the whereas and the how comes to the person that is usually the end of it. He may not be happy, but at least he got an answer. That in itself is important..keeping the lines of communications open.

Hey Bill Hayden…Remember my “Imaginary Door”? Usually all it took was the threath to take it out of my pocket and open it for people to calm down.

What you have here is gone way beyond that and as a former track operator, I would have nipped it in the bud long before it got to this point, however, each situation is different and the last thing you want to do is make a problem worse, and I’m sure those that are in charge are doing their best to overcome the situation.

There are certain steps that need to be taken now that this seems to be getting out of control and if I may offer some steps here to help out, it may take care of the situation and end it before someone gets hurt.

Since this person(s) doesn’t seem to care about warnings and such and is still harrassing people, this is what needs to be done “Legally” and this is what I have done in the one instance I had years ago at Cedar.

Step 1: Start a log of all dates, times, wittnesses and places that the infractions occured and let the individual know that this is taking place. This can be done when you issue his first warning. Make sure that when this is done that there are at least 2 witnesses with you to back up your end of things. Don’t threaten, just point out what is going on and the actions that will be taken if he doesn’t simmer down.

Step 2: Ok, that didn’t work, now you have to start getting “legal” on him. Issue a second warning, however make sure this one is written and also send a copy to the sanction informing them of the problem. Also, send a copy of that warning to whoever holds the sanction. In the ABA the sanction rights are held by the property owner, I do not know if this applies to the NBL, but if you are on park/township property, make them aware of the problem.

Step 3: It’s gotten so out of control that he needs to be removed from the track. This is where it can get ugly, so be careful, especially if it’s at the track. If he starts up again, call your local police and have them come to the track. NEVER TRY TO REMOVE SOMEONE FROM THE TRACK UNTIL THE LAW SHOWS UP! Very Important. Clue them in on what’s been going on, let them know that this is a continuing, documented problem and ask that they escort him off the track property. After that is done, have your board convene and set a time limit on his suspension from the track, set that time limit, and then notify the sanction and him. As track operators of your track, you do not have athority to remove him from all tracks, but you can prevent him from comming back to yours.
At this point the sanction should really take a hard look at this individual and it would then be up to the sanction to send a warning letter and a comfirmation letter to him stating that they are backing up the local track in their decision. This is not the time for the sanction, wether ABA or NBL to stick their heads in the sand regarding this situation, for if it goes beyond this to the next step, the worst case scenerio, or as I put it, the “Kobyashi Maru” it can get really messy.

Ok, he’s banned from the track, but now he comes and harrasses from outside the fence. It’s time for a PFA order, or a restraining order. I think it may be called a “Cease and Desist Order in NJ…that keeps him away from the track. If he violates that it’s off to the Big House along with some hefty fines to settle when he gets out. If he does this, I would think that the sanction should consider a lifetime ban against this person and would highly suggest it. It’s bad enough that he is doing it to EGT, but who’s to say he doesn’t pack up the tent and take the show on the road to another track and start all over?

With all this going on documentation is the key. Chances are he will retaliate against you legally since you are taking away something that he has paid to participate in, so again, to beat him in the “Law & Order” game, have all your ducks lined up.

Again, as others have stated here, no one wants to do anything like this as it brings a “Black Eye” to the track and the sport in general, but if something isin’t done someone could get hurt…and don’t think it can’t happen. It happened at an ABA track back in the early ’90’s where a parent got so out of control he literally threw the announcer out of the tower. Not kidding. My case involved a rider and parent throwing a throphy at me, twice..so things can get ugly.

Good luck to you and hopefully this problem will sort itself out. If I can be of any help, or if anyone just want’s to BS, Email me at Plainsbike@epix.net.

See ‘ya at the races……..