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Check a thread On Vintage BMX about results from EHT for Saturdays results. Results for Saturday and Sunday were pretty much the same for pro and pro girls (From now on I’m going to use ABA vocabulary no matter what sanction I’m talking about. Stupid NBL changes the names every year. They’ll change them again next year.) I don’t know who won pro yesterday. It was too close at the line.

I’ve got video taken with my digital camera of pro and pro girls Sat and Sun, Saturday’s 35-39 cruiser, Sunday’s 35+over x, 22-29x, 18-21x. Brett, want me to upload them?

Big changes from Sat to Sun were Farside hit the gate and did not win 35+ over x, Phil got 2nd in 18-21x. Busto won 17x both days. I did jack both days.

Crazy national. Lots of things that aren’t supposed to happen, happened. Ten more motos than the Easter Classic. Tony Spencer takes out Gonz in the first moto on Saturday and Gonz’s hands got shredded.

Another Caveman bitch about the NBL. Every single national for the past 25 years ams have been sneaking in pro practice and Bob comes up to the gate and makes idle threats about disqualifying people which I’m sure he has NEVER done. That’s why they keep doing it. What a joke. Know what the ABA does? Color coded number plates. Pros run black plates. Problem solved. How easy is that? Anybody see how I made Brett Snyder pay for sneaking in pro practice? hee hee.

I will say the race started on time both days and actually ran quickly which is unusual and impressive.