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We hook back up with Brandon and decide to roll out to Disney World to have a fun time. Being the oldest guy on the team I was just having a good time, the other younger dudes, well if they got within 25′ of girls they were on it…and Florida has ladies, lol.
So we’re in Disney World and these lads start hitting up young ladies eventually finding a few that will actually talk to them.
We proceed to hang out at Disney till the park closes…I was getting real pissed as I knew we were going to have bit*h of a time getting a room that night.
Well, at that time, I wasn’t quite as tactful as I am now…So I just blurt out, “Are you guys gonna fu*k these chicks or can we go get some fu*king sleep”. Well, surprisingly the girls decided to call it an early morning and the rest of the team is pissed at me for the night.
As I knew it took us over 1 1/2 to find a room, overpriced and the attendant was kind enough to get us up at 9:00am when we got there at like 5:30am and then bitc*ing at us to get out or we were getting charged for another day.
We eventually got our as*es up and headed back to Jeff’s parents place for the duration of the Fla stay..
Next up is movies, malls and maniacal boyfriends.