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So I’m chilling at home one night in like June and Harry calls me.
Brett we gotta replace Phil, do you want to go on tour and be the announcer / manager guy.
I was working for my dad at the time so I said I’d call him right back…
Asked pop, I got a chance to go on tour for the bike thing…he’s like, you better go!
I call Harry back and 2 days later I’m on a plane to chicago to replace Phil.
Harry pulls up, and I’m feeling like a real dic*head, cause here I am replacing the guy who got this thing going. He says to Phil, I think you know why I’m here, Phil just nods, I shake hands with Harry and it’s done. Phil takes off back to the airport with Harry and I’m there to announce for the second show.
As far as I can tell the guys were real P.O.’d at Phil, because there was no money for the tour and they were sleeping in the truck instead of hotels, there was no money for food, etc, even though Vision put up a buttload to get it going..again this was all relayed to me…
First show was excellent, we had a shi*load of fun and we all got along pretty good.
Mark Roldan was a real nice dude, really had his stuff together. Brandon was funny, sorta rock starish…and Jeff…well you guys that know Jeff, know he was one sarcastic f-er…so he was a trip. It got a little tiring after awhile being on the road but it was for the most part really amazing.
I think my next post will be about a show we did in Colorado…No, no..Minnesota and the Suburban on the roof…