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So the spring of ’88 is rolling around. We’re doing shows, having fun and the like.
Roger and Jeff are be practicing on the 2 Hip ramp in preparation for Roger going on the 88 summer tour with Phil, Mark and Brandon.
Well, one day during a session, Roger bails and gets some “pain” in his side.
A little while later Jeff takes him to the hospital and luckily so…because Roger had ruptured his spleen. (This is where he got the nickname, Spleenovan)
This leaves the east coast General Team without a ramp rider…
So, Roger recommends Jeff to Harry and I take him and the ramps up there to let him “audition”.
Jeff starts doing some airs and what not…then Harry pulls out a list of “tricks”…Jeff can you do an, abubaca, nose pick, nothing, no- hander..etc…it was pretty much no to all of em…but Harry wasn’t sweating it. He just said ok, and Jeff was going with ’em on tour.
At this time Phil Finkle had taken over for Fred Blood and had gotten a rather large some of money to get the tour going from Vision, because we had that huge Vision logo on the trailer.
Well, apparently, Phil had used the money someplace else because as the tour went on things were getting pretty heated between Phil and the rest of the gang.
(Hey! I got to speak to Phil himself this evening! (8-15-07) he was able to give me the lowdown on what really went on before I got handed the tour duties in ’88 and I was way off base with what the deal was. Phil is gonna post what went on during his tenure with GB back in the day to set things right. Apologies to Phil who goes all the way back to the earliest days of BMX racing in the NY-NJ area…anyone remember Nomura, 😉 )
Jeff finally got Brandon and Mark to break down, they called Harry and recommended I replace Phil.
I guess I’ll stop there for now and continue later tonight…