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Dave – please remove your cranium from your posterior, please.

Yeah, Nike is the “poser” here for sure, jumping on the bandwagon, but do you understand how much friggin money they bring with them???

I am sure right now only their sponsored riders wear the stuff, and many will call them “sell outs”, but the last time I opened Ride BMX or watched Fuel TV, alot of these guys had sponsors, and all they do is ride and promote a lifestyle.

Do not knock Nike for making a business decision. Yeah, the wrong money can screw things up, but I don’t see folks bitchin about Mountain Dew’s money (aka Pepsi) or Honda’s for that matter (saw their name all over the place at an event recently).

If the powers that be can get Nike behind BMX racing beyond just sponsoring Bubba, you can bet Nike is gonna want to see racing on TV, etc, because they are not small thinkers.

Like everything else, if you don’t want to buy their stuff, you have a choice. But don’t knock them. BMX in general must be doing something right if the big boys are paying attention.

Remember, its not Felt that pays Scotty Cranmer 6 figures a year so he can buy a bicycle shop, its companies like Mountain Dew / Pepsi that put up those kind of $$$$.