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Belt drive, suspension, and no seats, just a fender to protect yourself from the rear tire. LOL

integrated headsets and seat post clamps like Superstar. Not just a clamp welded to the frame.

I would like to see 14mm to 3/8 axle convertors with chain tensioners built in. I think Kink used to make them but stopped.

The tubing that Fly bikes has so that the downtube gussett is inside the frame, is pretty sweet.

Stronger chain tensioners, it is not fun when you bend the crappy aluminum ones. I am using an old Hoffman lollipop style one just because it is simple and strong. Just wish it looked better. JW seems to have a cool idea with multiple sizes, but I have having to adjust 2 little bolts.

I want brake bosses that don’t have the little lip on them, so my Paul brakes can sit closer to the frame.

A metal version of the ODI lockon bar end, because plastic bar ends don’t hold up. But the idea of protecting the grips bolts is great compared to the original version. Lock on grips Rule!

That is all for now.