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on the topic of guns..coming from a hunting household( not me but my hubby) i used to think oh we need them for protection… until my drunk next door neighbor ( a good hearted soul who has since moved away..lol) came stumbling in my house at around 2 am about a week after we first moved in… let me tell you i had that 38 special ready to go…( yea i am a good shot if i do say so myself… we used to go shooting at rays all the time before we got married) untill i saw him… he thought he was in his own house..lol well at the time it wasnt funny but can you see how this could have been a problem?? well long story short he did it a few times before he moved away (once around the holidays and knocked my christmas tree over) then we started locking the front door…

forgot where i was going with this>>? moral of the story dont let your wife play with guns..??

then theres always the peeping tom story… oh thats when having a gun comes in handy… imagine my husband chasing some guy wearing a trenchcoat into the woods in the snow at 3am with a hunting rifle..( dont ask what he was wearing).oh yea we had some interesting times when we first moved in… i guess guns are good..