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so if you are going for a nag plate and just say you are 16. all the 16 yr olds in all proficiencies race for different points at a national? do the main points count the same for rookie/ novice and expert?

because like in the nbl where rookies jsut say get 40 for 1st in a moto they still get 20 for 1st in the main. so in aba if they only count main points do all the proficiencies get 20 for 1st place in the main, making all the 16 yr olds( rookies/ nov/experts) going for the same 1-10 nag plate?

does that make sence to you? i dont know if i am explaining my question correctly.

i was curious if they dont break down by proficiency for nag how do the experts compete for rookie points and if thats true what encourages the rookies to move up? just curious.

i like the main only points better plus gives you a chance to get to the main if you get stuck with 4 really good riders in a moto you still have a chance to make it once he is qualified and gone out of your moto. the thing i dont like is if you do win and you sit then you dont get the track time. i remember when we used to go to secaucus my son used to not win the motos on purpose just to get the track time. how does that work at nationals when you really need 3 motos to get used to it?

thanks for the info