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    Once again someone just comes plowing into NJ thinking they can “do it better”.
    And they do.
    Rock on.
    Way to use that 501c3 status bro!


    Remember when a certain ex member of the board said in “He is going to take away riders”(or something to that effect) and now the same person (glenn you are the man) has pumped more money into the sport FOR THE RIDERS. wonder what that individual is saying now? 😯


    New Jersey can do the same thing. And its not that hard. The same proposal that the board gave to me can be used for other foundations. Fundrasing is key when you have a not for profit. Its just takes some leg work and reasearch to do it.



    Are bmxers willing to that for the love of bmx …….YES!!!!!!!!


    If everyone had listened to Rich 2 years ago when he first came back to the state, we would be that much farther ahead in the BMX racing area.
    Due to some incredibly stupid moves by certain people we instead had to go through an ordeal to make things happen, which would still NOT have happened if it had not been for Vanuch and Scott.
    I am currently pushing to have CJ gain 501c3 status. Since they apparently are very good with money to begin with.

    If you like the PA system and are happy with the EXTRA money that is now in the state to be used for BMX racing, you can thank Rich.
    Look at those posters my BMX friends, see where it says NJBMX Inc.?

    A non-profit charitable organization.
    Goes a long way and CONTRARY to what some people may have you believe, yes virginia there are organizations that will donate money to a good cause.
    ‘Nuff said.


    Brett did you ever think of broadening the website to include PA as well? Might generate more hits/members etc. Just a thought.


    Awesome job Trilogy. Just may be BMX Track of the year for that success.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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