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    When the hell are the board gonna wake up? All we are offering is a way to make things better. We have good ideas, but it seems certain people are always looking at the negative side. My wife was at the last meeting and having never been to a “meeting” before even she realized that there is alot that needs to be done.

    When i suggested “corporate sponsorship” I was told “we tried it already” Well you did not try hard enough. The dvd brett made is the ultimate PROMOTION TOOL!!!!!!!!! I have shown it to people and gotten positive feedback. Some of you are saying here ant is shooting off his big mouth. Well ya know what It is about time I did.

    Oh and btw I have been busting my ass trying to get the people at verizon, (where I work) to back us. Yeah brett i should not have said anything, but i am ticked off. So far i have gotten positive feed back, but before i go any further i need to know where we all stand.

    I know who “has my back” but i need to know are we all in this together. before i go any further. Oh the paypal idea is a good one. Who wants to stand in line to register on race day.

    Ya know what if WE DO NOT ALL COME TOGETHER(BOARD MEMBERS RIDERS PARENTS) Then there will be nothing left . And that is something that i am sure that none of us want.


    BTW If your heart and soul is not in bmx then you do not belong in it.


    Amen Brother from another Mother!!!!


    If this rubs some people the wrong way, so be it then my point has been made.


    Judging by a phone call I got last night, certain people that we are friends with on the board are taking a notice.

    And ladies and gentleman, pretending this site doesn’t exist.
    Isn’t going to make it go away.

    If people are afraid of critiscism and getting their feelings hurt occasionally then you need to do just a little growing up.

    And Ant…you like rev al with that avatar…


    Phew, I thought I was the only one with the Rev Al thing. And going away, don’t exist, HAAA.
    I tell my guys “Don’t poke the bear”, looks like someone poked the bear


    Better than buckwheat.


    …someone cue John Mellencamp’s “When the walls…..come tumblin down, when the walls……” Or maybe a little Bob Dylan…you get the picture.

    To ANYONE reading this. We the riders and parents want one thing, and one thing only: BMX at its best. Period.

    I look forward to continuing to build a coalition and unified voice to evolve, change and grow this wonderful sport of BMX Racing.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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