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    I was wondering if anybody knew anything about the NJ Pres. cup commitee and if there is a jersey division… im sure you’ve all seen soom of my work and i would like to take some time and help out a cause i love… I was just wondering whose in charge so i dont step on any toes.. if we dont have a leader… I, Lee Matos, 16 nov or ex… dont know yet with the top 5 move up “rumor”, WILL TAKE CHARGE!


    Lee I am on the p-cup committe. and I do not have a clue wtf id going on, I asked on the otther dite and gave out my vcontact info, no response.So at this point i am in the dark.



    Now get to work, see everyone on the 15th.
    I know someone who will help us as long as it’s what the riders want.

    I was also supposed to be on many committees this past year, in a promotional capacity but that got nixed at the tail end of the january meeting. It was only through Vinny that I was able to salvage the promotional material and the website, well, I have things ready to get njbmx a site as long as everyone can agree on a name. I only would ask that the riders have control of it.
    I can assure you that the awards for this year, plates and other things are being taken care of as I am in direct contact with the person in charge of that. I apologize for no promotions of what is being done…but I don’t have an official place to put things.
    I would have helped promote pres cup doings but….yadda yadda, see above.
    Also, it should be known that at the jan meeting, Rich, and myself were thrown under the bus for the pres cup committee, but after reviewing the minutes of the previous years meetings about the pres cup, that I have a hard copy of, it was shown that Rich, myself, Phil and Dale volunteered to DESIGN the pres cup jersey, not head the committee nor book rooms or figure out how to give out jerseys. Nor was any of this explained at any time to anyone.
    Be that as it may….
    Any “throwing under the bus” will no longer be tolerated.
    Meetings more than once or twice a year are needed as I have stated many times.
    I tire of stating the same obvious things repeatedly and I don’t mean tired I’m gonna quit, I mean tired as in I’m not gonna be Mr. Nice and take it in the arse Brett at meetings anymore.
    The sept meeting shall begat an oct meeting and that shall begat a november meeting.
    Or what the heck are we doing this for?


    brokenspokes.net volunteers webspace and whatever else is necessary to help Lee and Ant get the jerseys going.
    In the best interest of BMX racing in NJ.


    I tire of stating the same obvious things repeatedly

    sorry, could you repeat that?


    OH MAN THE CRAP is hitting the fan!!!!!!!!!!! And to be honest i was gonna quit the comitte, but nah i do not think so. lee check your messages.


    hehehehehehhe . ANT DOG IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you guys do not realize the sleeping beast you have awoken!!!! AFTER ALL I STARTED IT WITH THIS.

    And you see how that went. 😈


    don’t you sass me boy!
    Ant should get that joke…. —

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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