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    Who do you show a promotional video to?
    Not being sarcastic, just wondering.
    Like where do we show a promo video?


    Let’s imagine the scenario like this.

    Class of 6 grade kids.
    Lights dim.
    “promo” video comes on.

    Which type of video is going to get kids pumped up on BMX.
    Lot’s of jumping, speed, passing.
    mom and dad eating hot dogs, 6 year olds rolling jumps, and an announcer sounding like their parents.

    Did we not ALL make fun of those PSA movies when we were kids?
    Kids today are smart, (just like we were) and they know hokey from kick a**.
    As hokey as I think the type of thing I envision is, I KNOW that anything that doesn’t show action and heroes is not gonna fly.

    If however, you are showing the video to a room full of conservative soccer parents,
    well then throw my stuff out the window.

    But are we trying to get kids to ride or are we trying to make BMX look cutesy to parents?

    Look at BMX World and Ride, that is what will attract youth.
    BMX attracts a certain mindset.
    Do not dumb it down to people who aren’t gonna get it no matter what you do to present it to them.


    okl what did i miss? who said anything about a video of bmx dads eating hotdogs? or making racing looking cutsie?

    i didnt see any promo vid like that?

    and i like the promo vid that you show in schools ( yea fat chance) maybe in a pe or health class ( no ambulance shots please) showing how to get outside and exercise to be healthy???( just say for the 1-5th grade age group?) maybe for the older group make it more of a “rebel vid” with lots of gaps/ passing/ throwing elbows or supercross clips…

    there has to be a way to get in there



    i found bmx because one of the kids i grew up with his dad owned a bike shop in my town “als bike shop” we rodew our bike behind white castle .. man.. those days were the best, race incs, thrusters, se, hutch, mongoose…man the bike i couldnt afford.. soo beautiful.. bmx had so much more personality i think back then… i started racing in 84.. then around 86 i met rob dolecki.. and man.. he taught me how to ride.. to this day i still have similar style to him.. i owe alot of my racing skills to him


    I was sick of team sports and all they didnt have to offer…..I was at baseball practice one day and a few of the kids keep raving about Dan Menapace and the track….So I followed them over to the track…….The very next year I was riding bmx every spare second I had………..


    that track was frigging amazing they had.

    Deb, it’s an extreme sport, i was making extreme examples, LOL!

    belly bombs!!!! Gotta love CJ man, white castle within bike distance!


    My dad and brothers taught me how to build bikes from spare parts. We jumped them ’till they broke. That was the 70’s. Fast forward to 81 – I graduate from 8th grade and get a tri-moly Goose – see my first copy of a BMX mag – see the posters on the wall at the bike shop – I got hooked. I became “the man” at my local jumps – but then get introduced to “The Crater” in Whippany. Everyone is talking about this guy Phil. He shows up on a PK Ripper and just launches out of the Crater. Big air. Crazy. Eventually guys like Wog and me became “the man” at the Crater. It was cool. We started racing more and seing guys like Dave “Spanky” Campbell, Billy Seargeant, Sal Echel, Chris Williams, Brad Dalbec, etc at Braddock, and they were “the man” and thats what we shot for next. We would have our time in the sun as well. And when I came back to BMX seeing Farside “the man” got me stoked again. I don’t know if I’ll ever beat him – but I know one thing – I got better hair than him and Klimecki put together. 😛

    I know. That comment will cost me. Someone put a mattress on the backside of turn 1 and make sure you move the RV.


    I have made more freinds racing in the last 2 years than “running the streets” in the last 20 years(ie Barhopping) Which i gave up years ago.


    bmx has given the best friends ill ever make…bmx is life.. life is bmx

    now lets build some jumps , get dirty, and get hurt…and then drink a few beers


    lcoal surf and sk8 shops usually have baskets set up near the register and hat area that have promo videos in them…usually burton puts one out, 411, etc. Short little dittys that focus on a few of the latest up and coming…show their skills and then do a little session about maybe hardships in their past that made them better athletes, what their goal is for the new season, etc…tied together with some music…so if you come up with one, I’m sure if you went to the local shops they’d be happy to put them out there for you.


    short little CD…thats a great idea. Hmmm…where could we get the cash for that? Too bad we don’t have someone who wanted to donate 😕


    promo is all well and good.. i just think to get kids ( you WERE talking about kids and getting kids into the sport) you have to have more tracks… like 1 in ea county would be nice.. i like the practice track idea but like i said to travel 2 hrs for a kid who saw a flyer in a bike shop…thats going to be a hard sell on a parent. maybe the older riders who drive will do it but for a parent who has 3 kids in other sports the ride from just say budd lake to eht is a hard sell…

    you can promote all you want… for example the other day we had dans jr conference in hs ( meet w/counselor and discuss college etc) he asked about the bmx as he is new this yr and dan explained it… “there are 3 tracks in nj, where they are etc..” the guy says you go all the way down THERE?? and he is pretty young in his 30’s too…. he thought it was great but the ques again..”how the heck did you find out about that?”..its the distance that seems to scare people off…

    ok get a track in each county maintained by the parks/rec systems ( like baseball fields) a riding tracklike the one in that short clip..then you will see tons of kids ( and older guys acting like kids…lol thats for you brett)
    swarming the place…

    i really liked that riding park what a great idea

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