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    I just wanted to welcome old school badazz Dan Notte to the site. BITD from like 80-82 Dan KILLED it and went from like novice to National #1 in the expert class in 1 year eventually landing a full factory deal from the at the time huge company of Jag BMX.
    And Dan was from my home town Middlesex, NJ.
    Welcome man!â™ 


    Welcome. I remember seeing the young guns race alot at Flemington.
    Danny was a name that was announced alot. It seems like all the hot Flemington (Petes Track) riders rode for Mr Stix or Petes Bike Shop.

    I seem to remember Danny riding for Mr. Stix. Just so long ago cant be sure. Post some pics of him when you find them. I swear he also rode a red and white with black checkered jersey also.

    To be honest though the races went so fast I was usually in staging and missed alot of race action. So my memory could be off.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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