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    I’m getting messages on the grapevine, i.e.: the EHT email newsletter that he got hurt at the track and is in the hospital.
    Anyone know how he is doing? I just talked to him last week when they cancelled the race because of the storms.

    Yo, hope you’re feeling better man!


    they ar ehoping he can come home from hospital today–

    hearsay of corse



    what did he do??????


    face plant with open face helmet– shatered eye socket, knocked out on track for a while, lots of blood.

    again– word of mouth– i was not there


    I guess the bottom line is that they are gonna need help at EHT till Chris is back up and running again. Those who live nearby may want to contact his wife Carrieanne to offer assistance.
    She’s on here as lifetimeBMXgroupie.


    His wife wants all updates through yahoo, at least that is what it said on yahoo. he was wearing a protec type helmet he has several fractures on his face should heal ok may need a little work . he was getting out today as per his mom. He over shot the first table top out of the first turn at eht.


    Hi everyone…

    Just an update…I do not know exactly what happened, we have a good idea based on what Chris Whiley has told us as to the where and what but we are also getting a few conflicting reports of what happened. However, at this point we have come to the conclusion we will never know exactly how it happened because Chris does not remember any of it, the last thing he remembers is being on the gate. Which I believed is a mixed blessing.

    On to the update…yes he did have a helmet on…but it was open face…he has some facial fractures, and a fractured elbow, and lots of road rash on his face…no stitches but lots of scabs!! And a dozy of a concussion!!!!

    He was taken to the trauma center in Atlantic City and yes it was not pretty! Yes, there was a lot of blood, but remember your head bleeds like crazy even with a small cut!! The scrapes and cuts were mostly superficial…no one cut was deep enough to warrant stitches. He was admitted into the ICU until about 6 pm last night (Thursday). His short term memory is still very foggy…but all the CT’s have come back clean no bleeding in the brain and the spin is also fine. He was VERY lucky!!!

    For now he sleeps about 90% of the time and he is still in the hospital…he may be released tomorrow (Saturday) but they are not 100% sure just yet it might be Sunday… He still has a few more consults that he has to get through.

    We are very thankful for all of the well wishes and help that we have received! And when I have a chance I will give another update.

    Thanks again
    Carriann Vliet


    Our thought and prayers go out to Chris and his family! Keep strong for him!
    Good Luck with all the healing.I’m pretty far from you but anything that we can do, just ask!

    The Hatem Family!


    Ditto what Chris just said. The BMX family is here and ready to help!


    Hi all…good news Chris is home!

    He has a few follow-up appointments regarding the bones in his face for early next week…it looks like he will be down for at least a month…all doctors have agreed that the best thing for him is to rest, relax, and not have any stress…we’ll see how he does with that…

    For the most part his doctors have said it will take some time for his memory to get back to “normalâ€ÂÂ￾ whatever that is. ïÂÂ￾Å  For now at least he knows where he is and remembers everything before the accident. As far as after the accident he as absolutely no memory of the accident and the 24 hours after…from about 10pm Wed night until last night he has about 50% of memory…at this point I would say we are at about 65-70% so hopefully with each day he will continue to get better.

    Thanks again for all the help and well wishes!!

    Carriann Vliet


    Coolness, only problem now is my girlfriend is saying I can’t even look at a track till I get a full-face. Dang it.
    BMXers a tough breed indeed.


    open face for LIFE


    Sorry to hear about this. Hope he feels better.

    Sounds similar to what I did back in 2002 there at EHT. All I remember was driving down the AC expressway and the next thing I knew I was in a hospital bed looking at my parents. I have no recolection of the six hours in between and yes, that is for the best.

    open face for LIFE

    Sorry, one of the dumbest statements ever made. I had an open face with a mouthguard but it wasn’t enough. A full face would have saved my teeth.



    open face helmets are not for everyone.. i cant do it.. nor will i ever..

    i hope chris gets well soon…


    Sorry Legend
    I will never NEVER wear a open face on the track again !!!

    Seeing Chris go down reminded me just how easy it can go bad

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